Living with a life on display 24/7 due to social media. Living through a pandemic that is surely to impact their social and mental development. We have to meet them where they are in order to reach them, and I’m willing to do that. 

Someone did it for me, and if we want our communities to survive and grow we have to do it for them.

As your delegate I plan to advocate for legislation that supports our youth. This could be in the form of education, mental wellness, job training, and more. It’s important that we develop policies that can help them become our future leaders.


As our district continues to see growth in residence and development, it’s important that we educate ourselves on what is happening around us, and learn how we can benefit from the various resources, as well as learn how to stop the activities that will hinder the growth of our community. Over time, I’ve learned that education creates opportunity, opportunity creates resources and resources stimulate our community. 

As your delegate I want to be a true resource to district 26. In order to uplift our families and our community we need the right information, and as your delegate I will do the best I can to work with the community to get that information into your hands. 


For the past 8 years, I have been taking care of my mother and I have found that finding resources for her can be tough. Some things that are needed are not available and what is available feels like you are doing the most just to get access. And that should not be.

As your delegate I plan to advocate for legislation that supports our seniors in many different ways. This could be in the form of lower housing taxes, increasing affordable housing, supporting safe and cost effective activities that help with continued quality of life.